Hack/Slash adaptation gets a director

Rogue Pictures has hired advert helmer Fredrik Bond to tackle its adaptation of serial killer hunting comic Hack/Slash.

Created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, Hack/Slash follows the adventures of Cassie Hack, a rebellious (and often under-clothed) young lady who survived a serial killer’s attack.

Now she’s looking for a little payback and, along with her huge companion Vlad, travels the country searching out homicidal maniacs and giving them a violent taste of their own medicine.

The cult title has been bubbling away for a while at Rogue, which has shoved the script into the hands of several writers, with Voltron/He-Man writer Justin Marks the latest to have a crack.

Bond is best known for directing ads for Hummer and US job site Monster.com, but also for working with Moby on a couple of videos. He's in demand at the moment, and is attached to helm a remake of The Host and an update of The Hunger for Tony and Ridley Scott.

With Bond aboard, the film can gear up for a shoot either later this year or early next, which means fans of Cassie can finally think about seeing her kick arse on screen.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

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