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Grindhouse fest headed for the UK

2007's Grindhouse might not be heading for a cinema near you any time soon, but thanks to Tiger Beer you can see two long-lost grindhouse flicks on the big screen; One-Armed Executioner and They Call Her Cleopatra Wong.

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong comes with a tagline we'd imagine Tarantino would be keen to recite ("She purrs like a kitten, makes love like a siren. This side of the Pacific, she's the meanest, deadliest, and sexiest secret agent") and plenty of bizarre action sequences - trust us, you haven't lived 'til you've seen Wong take on three thickset wrestlers.

One-Armed Executioner on the other hand (ha!), is a Kill Bill-style revenge thriller - featuring a restaurant owner (seriously) who’s seeking violent vengeance against the gangsters who lopped off his arm and killed his wife…

Both come from director Bobby A Suarez, and he seems pretty happy with the whole enterprise. "I'm delighted that Firecracker and Tiger Beer are bringing my films to a new generation. Few people are aware of the influence of Asian cinema of the '70s and '80s on commercial B-movies but these movies were made for international consumption, often on a super-tight budget, and always with action-packed entertainment in mind."

It's the first time these flicks have been seen by British audiences - and we've got some even better news for you, they're free!

All you have to do is go here for full details on how you can apply for tickets. Be quick, though - the screenings take place on 29 May at Glasgow’s ABC Cinema, and on 31 May in London’s SE1. Happy hunting!

Source: ( Tiger Beer )