Germany plans Princess Di film

2007 will mark ten years since Princess Diana’s death. So how exactly is German director Christoph Schlingensief planning to commemorate the tragedy?

Er… with a politically incorrect film speculating on the circumstances of her demise. Expect tabloid froth any minute as a man best described as Germany’s answer to the Farrelly brothers lets his moviemaking skills loose on the people’s Princess.

He’s already tackled cannibalism, with West Germans snacking on their Eastern counterparts; made “hilarious” Third Reich epic 10 Years Of Adolf Hitler and Freakstars 3000, an American Idol satire with the handicapped. Oh, our sides.

And who will be his Diana? An actress who sounds like the Paris Hilton of the Rhine - Jenny Elvers. "Jenny is my Princess Diana, because, like Diana, she is a screen on which people project their longings and aspirations," Schlingensief told the German tabloid Bild. "Both seem close enough to grasp but they never are."

The director has already kicked off work in Paris, with a London shoot planned for later this year. So: Oscars, 2008? Don’t hold your breath.

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