Gabor Csupo finds The Moon Princess

Riding high on the success of Bridge To Terabithia, director Gabor Csupo has been busy tacking down his next film. Unsurprisingly, he’s sticking with live-action family fantasy, figuring that there’s always room for that blood-soaked vampire monster robot horror down the line in his career.

He’s taking on The Moon Princess, which has been adapted from The Little White Horse, written by Elizabeth Goudge, which sees a 13-year-old girl journeying into a magical land to help rid the place of an evil curse. HackcoughNarniaHackcough.

Cynicism aside, the indie companies financing the film will be hoping to secure a big studio to distribute it, and given that Disney were involved with Bridge, we’d guess they’ll be interested.

"'Moon Princess' is a magical new family film, an absolutely beautiful, dark and mysterious story,” gushed the director to Variety, which is pushing things when not a frame has been shot yet. Still, Colin Firth’s on board to play the girl’s eccentric uncle and it should start shooting later this year.