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Fox confirm Commando remake

Some day in the not-too-distant future, Hollywood studios will give up on original movies altogether. Why bother writing something new, when there are people willing to pay for a “reimagining” of Police Academy 6 ?

Following hot on the tail of Robert Rodriguez’s new Predators movie, the bright sparks over at Fox have announced the latest ‘80s classic to get a bit of spit and polish will be Arnie action-fest Commando .

Harsh Times helmer David Ayer will be writing the script and pointing the camera, whilst Erwin Stoff and John Davis will produce.

Details are fairly minimal at the moment, but according to Deadline , Ayer’s vision will attempt to rein in the rippling muscles and OTT action, in favour of a “real-world spin”.

Source: Deadline

Is Commando ripe for a remake, or best left in the ‘80s?

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