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Fourth Austin Powers on horizon?

Lots of sequel chatter this week, what with Scream 4 amping up its production, and Will Smith considering a third MiB adventure.

So how about a fourth Austin Powers movie, as well?

Director Jay Roach, who directed all three of the big-toothed spoof flicks, has told MTV that Mike Myers is working on a fourth outing for his groovy womaniser.

"[ Mike is ] working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I'm all good for it," the director said. He added that the spy would be going “somewhere you haven't thought of” in his next time-travelling trek to the big screen.

The last Powers film, Austin Powers In Goldmember , hit cinemas back in 2002, and ended with Seth Green’s character seemingly about to take over Dr Evil’s throne as a genius mastermind of devilish designs.

Will a fourth film continue that plot thread? We expect so. But what other grotesque characters could Myers dream up for himself to play, after wigging and fat-suiting up as Powers, Dr Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember?

How about taking a leaf out of Female Trouble ’s book and casting himself as his own romantic lead this time? Could make for some interesting make-out scenes.

Knowing him, he’ll cast Lady Gaga in there somewhere. Probably as a Russian spy sent to kill him by singing until his ears bleed...

'Ankering after more Autstin, old boy?