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First Predators trailer hits the web

On Monday, we were treated to a sneak peek behind the scenes of the new Predators flick.

Now it’s Friday, and the first trailer for Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez’s belated continuation of the franchise has hit the interweb. It’s dark, it’s mean, and it’s really freaking cool.

Featuring a lot of footage that we’d already seen in the aforementioned sneak peek, the trailer also gives us a whole load of neat new meat to chew on.

Among the fresh stuff is a great opening shot, where stars fade into pin-pricks of light in a jungle canopy.

Then there’s a more extensive look at the aliens' planet, the inimitable Danny Trejo dropping in with words of wisdom, some very creepy sound effects, and Laurence Fishburne looking callous as hell, clutching a Predator’s helmet (we're guessing that's how he's managed to survive there for so long).

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the trailer for yourself here...

See? And this is only the green band version. Just wait ‘til the red band trailer finds its way into our lives.

Can we just add... We had our reservations about Adrien Brody as a tough-as-steel mercenary, but after this footage we’re eating our words and god they taste bitter. Brody, we salute you. Now bring on the carnage!

Still think this needed Arnie, or liking what you see?