Finding Dory trailer swims deeper into Dory's eye-watering tale

It's a testament to Pixar's lasting impact on popular culture that we're getting a Finding Nemo sequel 13 years later... and no-one's outraged by its very existence. And why would they? Finding Dory looks just as endearing as the first movie, centring the story on Ellen DeGeneres' forgetful fish and her quest to find her parents.  

We've already had a decent glimpse in earlier trailers at the film's general plot, and this latest preview fleshes out the backstory along with a few other surprises... 

The bare bones of the movie appears to be modelled pretty closely after Finding Nemo. And that's absolutely fine in a sequel, as long as there's enough material to distinguish it from the first film, which this seems to have in spades. Dory's backstory is the type of heart-wrenching hook that got audiences so invested in her back in 2003. Throw in all those new characters and more quotable one-liners, and Finding Dory might be a rare sequel that's just as successful as the original. We already know it's going to be this summer's box office champ, right?

Directed by Andrew Stanton and starring Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Willem Dafoe, Kristen Wiig, Ed O'Neill, Dominic West, and Idris Elba, Finding Dory opens in US theaters on June 17, 2016 and in UK cinemas on July 29, 2016. 

Images: Disney  

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