Find Total Film's full-on Oscar coverage

Sunday’s Academy Awards are rushing towards us at top speed now, and we know you’re pondering where you can get the full details about the ceremony, past winners, this year’s contenders and wealth of other goodies, including your chance to win some great prizes.

Well, you can wipe your fevered brow, rest your weary head and stay sat at your computer, because there is a place where you can find all that and more. Total Film’s Oscar Hub is the place to go for predictions about the winners from the magazine’s expert staff, see a full listing of the actors, writers, directors and films up for gongs this year and stuff your brain with facts and figures.

Those gearing up to enjoy the long slog of the ceremony will be able to make it more fun than usual with our drinking game, and a live Oscar Blog which will track the events as they happen (and make sarcastic jokes along the way). And if that’s not enough for you, there’s the chance to win a fully-featured DVD player and a collection of 20 Oscar-snatching DVDs to make that shelf groan with gong goodness.