Farrell signs on for Cosmopolis

Colin Farrell’s a busy boy this week.

Just yesterday he signed on to play a killer vampire in ‘80s remake Fright Night . Today news reaches us that David Cronenberg has nabbed him alongside Marion Cotillard for his long-gestating Cosmopolis film.

Based on Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name, Cosmopolis follows billionaire Eric Packer who travels across Manhattan and encounters a variety of odd characters.

Farrell will play the asset manager who sees his money go down the drain over one day, while Cotillard will be his wife. The novel itself takes place entirely inside a limo – though we imagine that will change for the flick.

Cronenberg announced the adaptation (which he has written himself) at last year’s Comic-Con, at the same time that he was trying to get the now dead as a Dodo Matarese project off the ground.

First, though, Cronenberg is getting his A Dangerous Method (previously The Talking Cure ) into production, with plans to shoot Cosmopolis between March and May next year.

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