Ewan gets a Woody

After budget worries shut down development work on Woody Allen’s next film – which was supposed to shoot in Paris and star Michelle Williams – it’s good to be able to report that he’s finally sorted details of what will follow Scoop.

Still lumbered with the working name Untitled Woody Allen Summer Project 2006 (which all the kids on MySpace will be shortening to “The Proj” when they hype it), the film now has a cast and a plot. Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor will play brothers who are suffering from a severe lack of cash. A stranger pushes them to turn to a life of crime, but when the situation goes pete tong, they turn on each other.

Separate Lies’ Tom Wilkinson will also be part of the film, which will kick off shooting – somewhat predictably for something still called a “London summer project” in London this summer.