What would happen if movies ended when someone said the title?

If you've ever chuckled when a character utters a movie's title in dialogue, then you might enjoy what the maker of this mash-up has created. This video isn't just a supercut of all those instances - you can watch that idea here - it has a more creative twist. They've cooked up a remix of blockbusters to show what movies might be like if they stopped right at that very moment.

As you will see, some cinematic greats undergo a serious narrative overhaul. Jurassic Park is re-imagined as a world where dinosaurs and humans somehow manage to happily co-exist, and Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring shuns its adventurous quest, instead closing on the start of budding friendship.

The result is an amusing riff on abrupt conclusions, made all the more comical by smash cuts straight to a rockin' soundtrack blasting out over the end credits. Well, apart from the Face/Off one. You can't beat a Travolta throwback tune.

Images: Universal

Gem Seddon

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