Elizabeth Olsen talks Oldboy remake

Oldboy , the remake helmed by Spike Lee, is reportedly closing in on Elizabeth Olsen to play the female lead, with the actress herself confirming that talks are ongoing, before waxing lyrical about her interest in the project.

When asked whether she would take the part should a suitable offer be made, Olsen was unequivocal. “Absolutely,” she said, before going on to stress that nothing had been agreed as yet.

However, it certainly sounds as though Olsen is keen on the role, given her glowing report of Spike Lee’s plans for the project.

The original Oldboy is one of my favourite movies,” she said, “and I'm a big fan of Spike Lee. Huge fan of Spike Lee, he's one of the best filmmakers around. He's doing some tweaks to the original...”

“What's really cool is the Korean movie is what people in the world of films would have seen,” she continues, “but a general American audience, I doubt they know the twists and turns of the original, so it'll surprise them. And I think it’s such a good movie, so that would be cool.”

Josh Brolin is already in place to play the male lead, a man who has been imprisoned in a hotel room for the better part of twenty years, only to be suddenly thrust back into the world by his mysterious captors. Oldboy is expected to begin filming later this year.

George Wales

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