Eight films to watch in November that aren't Bond...

The Brit period piece that's actually funny... Easy Virtue

Out 7 November: Easy Virtue | Review

The great cop thriller that isn't The Departed... Pride And Glory

Out 7 November: Pride And Glory | Review | Images

The Gallic twist on Autin Powers... OSS 117: Cairo - Nest Of Spies

Out 7 November: OSS-117: Cairo - Nest Of Spies | Review

The one about the American president... W

Out 7 November: W | Review | Images

The sex-based comedy from the bloke who wrote Fight Club... Choke

Out 7 November: Choke | Review | Images

The horror remake that bucks the trend by being decent... Quarantine

Out 14 November: Quarantine | Review | Images

The animated history that should have been given a better title... Waltz With Bashir

Out 21 November: Waltz With Bashir | Review | Images

The Leonardo DiCaprio film with the really gnarly finger torture scene... Body Of Lies

Out 21 November: Body Of Lies | Review | Images