Eddie Murphy has only A Thousand Words

Oh, goody. Rubbing their hands together at the prospect of another terrible comedy that somehow makes enough money to fill 17 of Eddie Murphy’s unused fat suits, DreamWorks is slapping the Norbit team back together.

Murphy and director Brian Robbins – who has just finished directing Murphy in Starship Dave – are collaborating again for A Thousand Words.

The comedy focuses on a glib, self-centred bloke who discovers he has only 1,000 words left to speak before he dies.

Want more good news? Steve Koren, who penned Click for Adam Sandler, will write the thing. Excuse us while we go and fetch our pompoms for the biggest cheer we can imagine.

Given the ever-darkening strike worries, DreamWorks is hoping to get it moving before the middle of next year. But, you know, no rush, everyone. We’ll wait. And maybe cry.