DreamWorks unleashes the Robopocalypse!

Another day, another plot by malicious mechanicals to take over the world.

This time, it's Robopocalypse, which DreamWorks is planning to adapt from writer Daniel H Wilson's book. A book, we might add that isn't aiming for the shops until 2011.

The company plans to fast-track the project, which will look at the idea of machines plotting against humanity from a more scientific point of view than, say Transformers or even Terminator, since the author has a Ph.D in robotics.

"Writing this novel is an incredible thrill, after spending years studying and thinking about robotics," he says. "My hope is that the story we tell will make the robots of the future proud of us humans."

And it's not the only techno disaster-themed book of Wilson's making its way through the development tubes - Paramount already has How To Survive A Robot Uprising: Tips On Defending Yourself Against The Coming Rebellion.

Which one will be first? And will we even know the difference?

[Source: Heat Vision Blog ]

PS You'd better watch your computer as you read this story, by the way. It might be plotting again END OF LINE.

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