Doubting Douglas

Word that Fritz Lang’s dystopian landmark Metropolis is firmly in the remake sniper’s sights clearly opened the floodgates for anyone who wanted to tackle one of the director’s movies.

One of those anyones is Peter Hyams, who last brought the world A Sound Of Thunder, so you can see why we’re treating this news with a little scepticism.

Still, he’s assembled Michael Douglas, Amber Tamblyn and Jesse Metcalfe for the reworking of Lang’s ‘50s RKO classic Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which finds a journalist digging the dirt on a corrupt DA by setting himself up as a murder suspect. But the crafty lawyer uncovers the plot and incriminates our hero with – spoiler alert! – a refreshingly downbeat finale.

Variety has all the details , but as CHUD rightly points out, they’ve slipped on their research this time. Peter Hyams as the director of Robocop? That’s Timecop, kids.