Don Cheadle talks Iron Man 3 and War Machine spin-off

iron man

Don Cheadle has revealed Iron Man 3 will probably shoot next February, as well as talking up a possible spin-off for his character War Machine.

During press for his new film The Guard , in which he plays a ruthless FBI agent who’s teamed up with Brendan Gleeson’s curmudgeonly police officer, he said:

Iron Man 3 is coming back. We’ll probably do that again in February and there’s talk of a War Machine spin-off, which I guess, unless I get recast, I would probably do.”

The actor also revealed that he won’t be appearing in the currently shooting The Avengers .

“Me being in The Avengers ?” he said. “I have a contract to be in The Avengers but I’m glad they haven’t exercised that option yet. I need some down time.”

Iron Man 3 is currently being set up with Shane Black in the director’s chair, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer replacing franchise godfather Jon Favreau.

It’s due in cinemas 3 May 2013.

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