DJ Caruso talks Y The Last Man

Genius comic series Y: The Last Man is about to come to an end (say it ain’t so!). But fear not: the film adaptation of Brian K Vaughn’s tale is coming along nicely.

Director DJ Caruso, the man bringing Vaughn’s tale to cinematic life, has revealed that the series – which may star his Transformers and Disturbia star Shia LaBeouf – will likely be a trilogy in order to do the sprawling story justice.

“Where this series ends, hopefully, would be, like, the third movie,” he says. “Because we figured there's just so much - excuse my language - so much great shit in there. What I think sort of hurt it before was they were trying to throw everything in, including the kitchen sink. And so, finally, screenwriter Carl Ellsworth and I said, ‘God, we've gotta figure out how to lick this and just make the best first movie that we can.’ Where the first movie ends, there's gonna be a great natural pick-up...”

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