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David O. Russell adapting comic book 2 Guns?

2 guns

All it takes is one hit to make you a must-have property in Hollywood, and David O. Russell is no different.

Off the back of the success of his brilliant boxing drama The Fighter , the director has already been attached to video game adap Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Now, he’s been approached by Universal Pictures to rewrite and direct comic adap 2 Guns.

The plot follows a DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer who are “unwittingly investigating each other” and pinch money from the mob.

Vince Vaughn has been linked to the project for a while, and appears to still be attached, while Russell is expected to rewrite a script originally turned in by Blake Masters.

With Universal hoping 2 Guns will be an ode to '80s buddy cop movies, this could end up being a fun mob actioner.