David Goyer battling evil again

Despite his turn directing the third Blade adventure arriving a little toothless at the box office, David Goyer isn’t giving up on the undead.

Upon hearing that New Regency had nabbed the rights to adapt Baltimore, Or The Steadfast Tin Soldier And The Vampire, a graphic novel penned by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and scribe Christopher Golden, Goyer signed right up.

Mignola and Golden will handle the scripting chores for the story, a twisted tale that sees the awakening of the Red King, the source of all evil on Earth (prime Mignola territory then). And it also concerns Lord Henry Baltimore, a solider bitten by a demonic vampire bat while fighting in the trenches of World War One and has to watch the plague destroy his family. Sweating vengeance, Baltimore creates a team to battle the Red King.

The eternal battle between good and evil will have to wait, though – Goyer will first tackle the Magneto origin movie for Fox.

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