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Danny Trejo revs up for Tarantula

Erin Cummings

Danny Trejo’s been told “on your bike, darling!” by Erin Cummings. Not because she doesn’t like him, but because the pair are currently set to star together in biker thriller Tarantula .

Cummings, best known for her role in Spartacus: Blood And Sand , will play a woman who attempts to break free from a biker gang and start her life anew. But “escape is not so easy”, according to Heat Vision .

Why not? Well, because Trejo’s ring leader doesn’t want her to go, and revels in making Cumming’s escape all the more difficult.

Former Xena director Oley Sassone will helm the project, with John Kersey’s long-in-development script finally seeing a movie set.

Filming is set to start in Detroit this November, with a modest budget of roughly $2.5m. For some reason, TF has images of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! merging in our minds with that shot of Trejo on a bike in Machete ... Wishful thinking?