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Cowboys And Aliens first image

Cowboys And Aliens

Comic-Con 2010: Jon Favreau has revealed that his currently-shooting comic adap Cowboys & Aliens will be in 2D.

Previous reports had Favs testing out 3D on the movie. But he announced today at the Cowboys & Aliens panel that the film will be released in glorious 2D.

"Coming next year in 2D!" he hollered at audiences. “Save money and see it twice!"

During the panel, the Comic-Con hero also screened 10 minutes of footage from the film that blew our snakeskin boots off. Three sequences showed stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde all come under attack in their Western town when alien spacecrafts open fire.

It's an explosive sequence that melds Leone-style Western aesthetics with Close Encounters sci-fi, and proved one of the highlights of this year's convention. The flick's 2011 release date will be a long time comin'.

Cowboys And Aliens is released July 29 2010.