Chevy Chase guest stars on Law & Order

US police drama Law & Order isn’t shy about admitting that most of its plots are ripped straight from the headlines.

Which makes word of Chevy Chase’s guest starring role in an upcoming episode of the series seem like yet another of the show’s attempts to adapt a recent press blitz into a drama. Chase will feature as a TV celebrity pulled over for drunk driving, who starts spewing religious hatred the minute the police clap him in handcuffs. Sound familiar to anyone? Yes, it’s Law & Order: The Mel Gibson edition. Except this being Law & Order, Chase’s character is also covered in blood and will end up a suspect in a murder.

The show, called “In Vino Veritas” – there is truth in wine (oh, our aching, Latin translating sides) – will air in November in the States and will likely make its way here next year.

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