Channing Tatum could head up 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is currently in negotiations to star in the upcoming remake of '90s TV show 21 Jump Street.

Currently being set up by Jonah Hill, who’s both writing, producing and starring in the adap, Deadline report that Tatum has met with Sony along with a collection of other young male actors.

The studio believe that Tatum shares the best chemistry with Hill, and have offered him the role of a fresh-faced police officer who ends up going undercover with Hill in a high school.

Tatum certainly has the action chops for what Hill has called “a John Hughes movie with Bad Boys -style action”, the 30-year-old having headed up the explosive likes of G.I. Joe and Fighting .

Could the movie do for his career what the TV series did for Johnny Depp’s? Though Tatum’s starred in some big budget stuff, he’s yet to find a film to launch him into the stratosphere.

Guess we’ll find out when 21 Jump Street opens in March 2012.

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