Carla Gugino is Our Lady Of Victory

Any film that features Carla Gugino is all right by us. And learning that she’s about to start shooting a true-life biopic about a girls’ basketball team makes us more than ready to grab a bucket of popcorn and take our seats.

She’s signed up for Our Lady Of Victory, which will chronicle the fortunes of the team at a small Catholic Girls’ school in 1972. Forthright, freshly-married head basketball coach Cathy Rush had to deal with limited supplies and no gym, but ended up leading her team to the first national championship, even as the school was threatened with closing down.

Joining her in the cast are TV’s favourite brooding vampire, David Boreanaz, alongside Marley Shelton, Ellen Burstyn and James Rebhorn. And it’ll all be shot in Philadelphia, according to producer Whitney Springer: "There was pressure to do this elsewhere, like in North Carolina, but it's a Philly story and so all production is taking place here," she told The Hollywood Reporter. She goes on to describe the film as “Hoosiers meets Sister Act”, which roughly translates to our interest suddenly veering to somewhere between “don’t care” and, “it burns! Get it away!”

Still, Gugino counts for a lot… So we’re still rooting for the film, which Tim Chambers starts shooting this week.