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Brad Bird spies Mission: Impossible 4

Back at the end of March, we reported on rumours that The Incredibles director Brad Bird was being wooed by Paramount for a third Mission: Impossible sequel.

Well, now it seems that he’s in final negotiations to steer the project. Vulture report that all that’s left to do is decide on Bird’s salary.

The website explain that the shorter time frame for directing a live-action movie (sometimes one year in comparison to an animation’s three) means that his quote will be higher. Still, we’re pretty sure he’s worth the mulah.

Tom Cruise is also set to return for the sequel, which Paramount want to release in May 2011.

So even if they sign Bird tomorrow, it’ll be an incredibly quick turnaround from shooting to release. Here’s hoping they’ve got a solid script to support such a breakneck production.

As others have previously mentioned, landing M:I 4 would give Bird’s live-action career a massive boost, especially where his long-gestating 1906 film is concerned.

Warner Bros have held back on that project thanks to budgetary concerns. But if Bird can prove himself with M:I4 , we should expect a pretty hasty greenlight over there.

For trivia fans, it’s interesting to note that Zombieland ’s Ruben Fleischer was also rumoured for the new M:I sequel, but he decided to helm 30 Minutes Or Less instead...

Think Bird's the man for the job?