Bid For Your Own Genuine Lightsaber

Auction house Profiles In History has announced its latest event, which will feature props from hundreds of TV shows and movies including Star Wars and Superman.

If you weren’t sold on the weird dolls we featured yesterday, might we point you towards some exclusive, as-used-in-the-movies props and items that will be up for grabs on 11th December?

Profiles’ range tends towards the more… how shall we say it… financially loaded consumer, but if you were saving up to make some stupid impulse purchase like a house, why not take advantage of the crap economy and invest in something worthwhile?

Luke's Lightsaber

After all, movie and TV merchandise is always hot property. Trust us: your family will thank you as they sit down to dinner in the cardboard box your authentic Jor-El suit was shipped in.

Just a few of the items up for auction are in our gallery above, including Robert Redford's suit from The Sting, plus one of Indiana Jones’ bullwhip (a steal with a starting price of $40,000) and fedora (closer to $60,000 but worth every penny).

Sticking with the Lucas universe, you can also purchase Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber – yours for only $150,000! Imagine carving the Christmas dinner with an actual lightsaber!

You’ll have to imagine it, actually – it’s not like it’ll actually work. Still: cool beans. Pricey, but cool.

[Source: Profiles In History ]

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