Behind the scenes of Tenacious D In 'The Pick Of Destiny'

Did you know that Satan’s cousin was a bespectacled winged demon with a penchant for fart gags? Us neither, but that’s just one of the fascinating facts gleaned from a new video up at Ain’t It Cool News that has Tenacious D movie director Liam Lynch consulting with the film’s true top producer: the Devil himself.

It’s typically Tenacious D style humour (slightly over-egged gross-out mixed with sheer fun), so if you’re eagerly awaiting The Pick Of Destiny, you’ll no doubt get a kick out of the dark lord’s wacky ideas to “spice up” the film (cue the projectile vomiting and giant snake demons snacking on crew members). You can check out the video by clicking here .

Tenacious D In 'The Pick Of Destiny' rocks cinematic socks off this November.

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