Barbarella is back. Again.

Just when you thought that Barbarella might be spared from the jaws of the remake machine, plans to reboot the film are flaring back to life.

Yes, while Robert Rodriguez' take on the sexy space vixen seems well and truly shelved (The Hollywood Reporter says it was about "location issues", but that seems a poor excuse), that isn't stopping Robert Luketic.

The man who made 21 and, more recently, The Ugly Truth, is attached to the direct the new film, and Joe Gazzam, who worked on Riot for John Carpenter, is writing the script.

Apparently the first victim under the new regime will be the campiness of the original - gone will be the wackier tone, though the sexiness will apparently stick around.

While the film doesn't yet have a home at any studio, producer Dino De Laurentiis is planning to haul the script around Hollywood once it's finished.

But the big question remains - who is fit to fill Jane Fonda's spacesuit?

And since Luketic worked with her on Monster-In-Law, will she get a cameo?

[Source: THR ]

Who do you see playing the new Barbarella, assuming it happens this time?

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