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Zach Galifianakis confirms Hangover 3 is on the cards


The Hangover: Part II may have only received the lightest smattering of praise, but its massive haul at the box office ($343m worldwide and counting) means a Hangover 3 is a dead cert.

Now Zach Galifianakis has confirmed that the people at Warner Bros are keen to kick a threequel into action.

“They want to do a Hangover 3 ,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I’m getting fricking phone calls already.”

Moreover, Galifianakis revealed a snippet of what could be the plot for the third Hangover .

According to him, the third film would find his character Alan confined to a mental hospital, while Phil and Stu attempt to break him out.

That somewhat flies in the face of rumours of a trip to Amsterdam, though there's no saying that trip isn't the reason Alan is jumped from the institute.

One thing’s for certain, though – Hangover 3 would be the final outing for Galifianakis and co, with director Todd Phillips previously stating a third film would be a trilogy closer .