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Winterbottom to visit Promised Land

Michael Winterbottom’s Texan crime drama The Killer Inside Me is about to take its bow at this year’s Sundance.

But the workaholic Brit is already eyeing the horizon for his next project.

Which just so happens to be a war drama called Promised Land .

Variety report that the film “recounts the lead up to the 1948 partition of Palestine and the subsequent creation of the state of Israel”.

It will no doubt cause a bit of upset with its portrayal of Jewish militant groups, who launched attacks against British and Arabs alike.

Jim Sturgess is set to star as a British officer who is tasked with hunting down the Jewish extremists. (He probably won't look quite as clean-shaven as that pic.)

And with a modest budget of just $5m, expect this one to be lean and mean.

Can Winterbottom successfully genre-hop again? Give us a shout below...