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Tweets Of The Week

Adam West, Joss Whedon and more weigh in on the Ben Affleck debate and JJ live-tweets Into Darkness in the latest Tweets Of The Week

If there was one announcement guaranteed to send Twitter into a tizzy, it was the news that the new Batman has been cast. Announcing that Ben Affleck would be donning the cowl was just asking for trouble. The internet is wrong of course, dodgy Daredevil or no, Affleck’s been doing award-winning work for half a decade now and Batman is well within his capabilities. Still, that didn’t stop thousands of real human beings signing a petition to stop Batfleck from becoming reality, prompting this response from former Batman Val Kilmer:

While another Batman weighed in with some tongue-in-cheek advice:

@therealadamwest Remember Ben, with the cape and cowl comes great responsibility (and lots of heat). Bring deodorant. #batman @BenAffleck

Naturally a lot of people had a lot to say, but only the cream of the cream makes it into Tweets Of The Week!

@RichardDreyfuss You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck.

@pattonoswalt WOW, @BenAffleck is gonna play Batman. I hope he fights the Joke-ah! #wickedpissah

@josswhedon Affleck'll crush it. He's got the chops, he's got the chin -- just needs the material. Affleck %26 Cavill toe to toe -- I'm in.

@THEBRYANHITCH I'd actually take a whole Batman franchise with Affleck, especially movies that will let Batman actually BE Batman

@NoelClarke Ben Affleck is the new #Batman it's time to announce that I will be both Robin and krypto the super dog #BeHappy for me. This'll be a hit!

@alan_tudyk Casey Affleck should play Robin!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@Josh_Friedman Watching Time of the Angels while tired and struggling to stay awake is very meta-Whovian. #dontblinkoryoullfallasleepordie

@bad_robot . @EdgarWright (go see The World's End!!!) directed one shot in this Kronos sequence. Can you find it?! - JJ

Three cheers for Michael Giacchino! His score makes everything better. –JJ

@ActuallyNPH I've decided that I'd like to be J.J. Abrams' best friend. I feel like that should happen.

@allisonscag I'm in a mood. Anybody wanna send me an edit of me as Poison Ivy? K thanks bye. #please


@jwrinzler Finally issue #1 of The Star Wars is in hand. We started on this January 2012; George gave us the go-ahead back on 4/25/12. Wow.

@zwgman Ever wonder how they did the Gremlin crowd scenes? This pic gives you a pretty good idea #theresagremlinonmyhead

@WilliamShatner It's Chris Pine's birthday? What is he 18 today? Happy Birthday to Chris. He needs to come to Twitter.

@tommyleeba The perfect image to sum up the #Warehouse13 wrap party:

@crystalhefner With @hughhefner before watching "World's End." An awesome Sunday.

@SamWitwer It's all about the Palpatines, baby. #Uh #!

@jarpad Hey guys, this is MY view :)

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