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Tweets Of The Week

Who hates Wonder Woman’s costume? Which Trek star is catching up on Tom Baker Doctor Who ? Who’s complaining about the curse of Signs ?

The Hobbit may now be languishing back in the dungeons of development hell, but Ian MccKellen ( ) has been checking out his old pals at WETA : "I visited the WETA Cave and crouched among the original models of the Fellowship, all now sold out and rising in v "

But what of The Hobbit ? Does McK know anything more than we do? "I asked all I met at WETA when The Hobbit starts shooting. Reply? “You tell us.'" Oh.

In other Twitter news, Jonathan Ross ( ) doesn't like DC's new plans ("I know there are perhaps more important things to fret over, but I HATE Wonder Woman's new outfit. She's wearing jeggings!! Send for Gok Wan”; Richard Kelly ( ) loves the new Peter Parker ("Congrats to my pal Andrew Garfield! Great actor and extremely kind, humble person!"); Jane Espenson ( ) has a word of warning for animal-loving kids ("When small children name their first pet, they should be reminded to think about the later implications for their porn name"); Brian Bendis ( ) planned to sit down with a Shyamalan last week ("M Night Shyamalan screws up my kids favorite franchise and Mel Gibson uses the N-word!! So much for my Signs Marathon this weekend"; followed swiftly by "Joaquin Phoenix went nuts, M Night lost his mojo, Mel Gibson is Hitler... the Signs curse!! Please God, spare Cherry Jones!"); Wil Wheaton ( ) has been checking out the competition ("I'm so tired, I'm staying in tonight to relax and watch classic Doctor Who on Netflix. Up first: The Ark In Space"); Brent Spiner ( ) paid tribute to an old colleague ("Farewell Corey Allen. Directed our pilot and several episodes. Wonderful guy. Really helped us mold our characters. A real man of the arts"); and finally Neil Gaiman ( ) let slip a little bit of news regarding his season six Doctor Who ep ("My Dr Who Episode was only called The House Of Nothing for about 20 mins in Feb 2009, when it still had a house in it. And some nothing"). Steve O’Brien