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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Hear ye, hear ye. News from the set Transformers 3 shots, Green Hornet trailer, Conan pictures and much, much more…

Smell that? That's the odour of news floating to the surface today. Loads of awesome, shiny news. Lets take a look.

On set Transformers 3 pictures
Leaked images from the set of Transformers 3 have appeared up on Just Jared, showing Shia LeBeouf cowering in fear as a man with a large gun takes aim at, presumably, Megan Fox whining about being so easily replaced.

Green Hornet trailer
The first official trailer, and a set of images, for The Green Hornet have hit the internet. Looks entertaining - what do you think?

First official Conan picture
The first official picture of Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis) as Conan the Barbarian has been released. Momoa certainly looks the part (more than Arnie ever did) and it probably helps that he can act and isn’t under constant threat of popping out of his skin.

X-Men: First Class Beast confirmed
After rumour upon rumour, the first student has been confirmed for Professor Xavier’s first class. Benjamin Walker has now be confirmed to be playing the role of Beast , without the blue fuzz (as per the official storyline).

Bruce Willis and more for next Shyamalan Movie?
Heat Vision reports that M Night Shyamalan is circulating the script for his next movie , with the likes of Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bradley Cooper already loosely attached to star in the film. Given the gradual decline in popularity over the years, could these big name actors help bring Shyamalan back on top again?

Prince Of Persia almost at $300 million
Prince Of Persia has reached a worldwide total of $293.6 million, making it the world's most successful game-to-movie adaptation ever. With DVD copies likely to boost that number, this could see the film getting a sequel anytime now. Please don’t take the Warrior Within route.

Robert Kirkman interview – The Walking Dead
Over at the official AMC Walking Dead blog , they have an interview up with Robert Kirkman (creator of the comic series, producer of the TV show). Kirkman shares his thoughts on going through the story for a second time, and his thoughts on the actors chosen for his characters.

Images from next Ghibli film The Borrower Arrietty
Over at Bleeding Cool the guys have managed to nab a few images from the next Studio Ghibli film The Borrower Arrietty . As fans of the original Borrowers series, we can’t wait to see how Studio Ghibli have adapted it to their usual style.

Today's news compiled by young Andrew King, who's been keeping Dave Golder's seat warm (metaphorically) while the Nick Frost lookalike is out of the office.