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The Grudge 4 on the way

Like the horror movie villain who just won’t die, the raddled corpse of the Grudge franchise is set to twitch once more with the news that a third sequel is on the way.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures are planning to reboot the franchise with a remake of original film The Grudge . Which of course was itself a remake of Japanese chiller Ju-On. Keeping up? Good.

Whilst The Grudge and The Grudge 2 were both released theatrically, The Grudge 3 went straight to video, suggesting that the series had probably breathed its last in terms of producing mainstream movies.

The first American film saw kindly care-worker Sarah Michelle Gellar spooked by a host of ghostly infants. That set-up will likely provide the meat of the plot this time around, although whether or not the film will receive a full cinematic release has yet to be confirmed.

With Final Destination 5 currently in cinemas and Scary Movie 5 recently greenlit, it seems that studios won’t be losing faith in their various horror franchises any time soon. We await the news that The Grudge 4 will be presented in 3D, with bated breath.