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Stargate reboot appoints a pair of writers

The forthcoming Stargate reboot has found itself a pair of writers, with THR (opens in new tab) reporting that Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final discussions to pen the script.

If neither of those two names are familiar, it might be because neither have any produced credits to their name. However, they have been on Roland Emmerich’s radar for a while now.

That’s because the duo have worked on the script of Independence Day 2, impressing Emmerich so much that he has now tasked them to write the script for the update of the film he originally directed…

Details remain sketchy on just where Emmerich plans to take the reboot, although we’d imagine there will be some significant changes afoot, given that the director is reimagining the property as a new trilogy.

In the meantime, Independence Day 2 is heading into pre-production ahead of a 2016 release date. A fan of ‘90s sci-fi?? What a time to be alive…

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