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The Force Awakens is getting a prequel TV mini-series, built with Lego

If you're hungry for more Star Wars, a Force Awakens prequel story is coming to the Disney XD channel. Just be prepared for everything to look a little … blockier than usual. The Resistance Rises is a series of animated shorts starring the characters of The Force Awakens in the sorts of grand adventures you'd expect, albeit in Lego form.

The first episode, "Poe to the Rescue," has already aired in the US, and will be premiering in the UK at an undisclosed date. But why wait? Or, if you're a US-bound Star Wars fan that missed out, why mourn? The full short is waiting for you below:

Personally, I'm okay with this. Not only is the episode cute and chuckle-worthy, it makes staying invested in the new canon easier. While Star Wars: Episode VIII may have been delayed to December 15, 2017, little drips like this and the bigger spectacles like Rogue One ensure that fans are never far, far away from more new Star Wars.

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Images: Disney

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