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Shane Black directing Doc Savage

Shane Black is to direct a film version of Doc Savage , based on a script he co-wrote.

It certainly makes us wonder if Mr Black is a fan of the site, because we love our pulp fictions at Total Film .

Doc Savage hit the big screen before in an unmemorable 1975 movie, but the character's certainly ripe for a revamp: Clark Savage Jr. is trained to physical and mental perfection, and then becomes a globe-trotting adventurer.

It'll be exciting to see what Black does with the material. Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, is a pretty clean-cut hero, a kind of Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes.

It's not known if Black'll do a pretty straight adap, or if he'll be injecting some of his trademark edge into the proceedings.

Best known for scripting the Lethal Weapon series, Black's directorial debut was the fantastic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang .

Source [ Collider ]

Will this pulp icon benefit from a bit of 'Black' humour? Let us know!