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New Knight And Day trailer online

So we’re missing out on Cruise as Salt this year, with Angelina Jolie tagging that role from him .

But fear not, the professional hero is heading up another ‘splodey flick in the shape of Knight And Day , out 14 July.

And this new international trailer, which boasts about as much subtlety as a bull wearing Louis Vuitton at celebrity shindig, makes Cruise’s latest look pretty fun – and yes, very ‘splodey.

The Cruisester plays Milner, a (possibly deranged) secret agent who drags June (Cameron Diaz) into a whirlwind of gunfire and secret identities after going on a blind date with her.

It’s pitched as an action comedy – a feel very much prevalent in the new trailer – and is directed by James Mangold of Walk The Line and 3:10 To Yuma .

If nothing else, we're most looking forward to Diaz getting her action woman on, seeing as the perky blonde has stuck to decidedly non-action-y flicks like My Sister's Keeper of late. This should be a bit of a Green Hornet warm up for her .

Check the trailer out below...

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