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Garner & Faris join Bachelorette Party

The stonking success of last summer's The Hangover has left studios seemingly willing to greenlight anything that can be described as, well, 'a bit like The Hangover '.

The latest is The Bachelorette Party , and Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris have signed on to star.

The plot apparently revolves around a recently-jilted teacher throwing the titular pre-nuptial party for her cousin. Complications ensue when the teacher cops off with the groom-to-be.

Sound like the opportunity for plenty of suitably-drunken larks, although the script is by Karen McCullah Lutz, whose recent output has been less-than-inspiring ( The House Bunny , The Ugly Truth ).

At least Garner and Faris have the pedigree to make a fine comedic double act.

Source [ Collider ]

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