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Clash definitely in 3D

It is. It isn’t. It is. It isn’t.

Really, it’s difficult to keep up with all these rumours about Clash of the Titans and the possibility that it’ll have us stupidly groping at thin air while watching it in 3D.

But, finally, we have confirmation that the mythological action flick will definitely be converted into 3D.

Which means its original March release date has been nudged back to 2 April, giving those clever production blokes time to convert the film stock.

Apparently tests on the film were so successful that Warner Bros leapt at the chance to get all three dimensional on us.

Not only that, but they’ve given Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (both parts) the go-ahead on 3D as well.

Like the sound of 3D Clash or did you prefer it when it was all 2D round here?