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Arnold Schwarzenegger in talks to star in Toxic Avenger remake

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career renaissance continues apace, with the big man currently in talks to star in Steve Pink’s remake of The Toxic Avenger .

The Hot Tub Time Machine director will be bringing the ‘80s cult favourite back to the big screen, in which a nerdy janitor finds himself granted superpowers after being dumped in a barrel of toxic waste by a gang of bullies.

Arnie won’t be playing the titular hero (Schwarzenegger as a nerdy janitor?), but rather a mentor, who shows our newly powerful protagonist how to channel his abilities for good.

Schwarzenegger will play a character known as The Exterminator (see what they did there?), and will be contractually obliged to say some variation on “I’ll be back” at least three times in the film. Probably...

Pink co-wrote the script with writing partner Daniel C. Mitchell, with production expected to begin in the autumn. As for who will play the lead role, John Travolta’s was rumoured back in 2012... but whoever lands the job, we smell another cult classic on the way!

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