Ari Sandel says Brad Cutter Ruined My Life... Again

What would you do if you were a complete nerd in school, bullied by a popular, charming, handsome bloke who netted all the best girls? But then you grew up, got a great job, a sexy girlfriend (or boyfriend for those nerdy ladies out there), only for your nemesis to turn up again like some sort of human bad penny, and sent you freaking out all over again? We’d probably cry like babies. But that’s just us.

That’s the basic plot of Joe Nussbaum’s script Brad Cutter Ruined My Life…Again, which Warner Brothers bought but never quite got around to making. Like the titular jock, the script is getting another chance at life with Fox Atomic, which has adopted it out of the turnaround orphanage and set Ari Sandel – director of last year’s Oscar-scooping comedy short West Bank Story – to direct it.

There’s no word on a cast yet, but Sandel will start shooting early next year.

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