Adrien Brody starring in High School

Adrien Brody and Eagle Eye’s Michael Chiklis will go head to head as a drug dealer and a school headmaster in the new comedy High School.

John Stalberg Jr is making his directorial debut with the film, which he co-wrote alongside The Grudge’s Stephen Susco, reports Variety .

In the plot, a high school valedictorian smokes weed with the local stoner, but is then faced with a drug test. His solution? Getting the entire school stoned so that he can beat the test.

Detroit Shoot

Stalberg Jr will start filming next month in Detroit, with Chiklis as a hard-arsed school principle and Brody playing the laidback drug dealer who helps with the plan.

Someone needs to crack down the pervading influence of these addictive substances – no, not pot: films influenced by Cheech and Chong.