Abigail Breslin leads The Class Project

Abigail Breslin’s career is set to take a more adult turn with the news that the Little Miss Sunshine star has agreed to star in pitch-black indie drama The Class Project .

Now whilst that title might conjure up images of a group of cuddly tots indulging in some papier mache fun, the reality is something quite different. The film will follow a pair of sisters forced to endure an alcoholic mother and her string of abusive boyfriends.

Tiring of their hideous homelife, the duo decide to take drastic steps and begin to formulate a plan to bump off their dear old mum. We told you it was an adult storyline!

Breslin will play one of the aforementioned sisters, a role that should go some way towards distancing her from the cute and cuddly image she’s cultivated thus far in her career. Stan Brooks will be directing the film from a script written by Fabrizio Fillippo and Adam Till.

The film is set to begin shooting at the end of the month, so expect a host of further casting announcements before then. Abigail Breslin can next be seen in Gerry Marshall’s rom-com leviathan New Years Eve , out later this year.

George Wales

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