A new direction for Mary Jane

It seems the Spiderman star will soon be handing out cues rather than taking them, as she gets set to direct her first short film.

The project, rumoured to centre on a supernatural theme (yeah, like that’s not been done to death), will be based on short stories submitted by Glamour magazine readers (yeah, like that’s not been... uh?).

The thought of the Dunster directing a film based on ghost-stories and scribed by fashion mag readers sounds like the reality TV child of Ugly Betty and Project Greenlight.

But, in fact, it’s actually the surreal symptoms of a potent directing bug which is spreading through Hollywood’s leading ladies like germs on bar nuts.

Julia Stiles has already contracted the bug, having recently directed her first short film, Raving, and now Jennifer Aniston and Gwenyth Paltrow are the next actresses reportedly falling victim to its powers.

There are no firm release dates for the picture, but expect a collection of fetching crystal-studded clapperboards to be hitting the stores of Beverly Hills quite soon.

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