6 Bollywood Remakes That Totally Miss The Point

India is an amazing place to spark the imaginations of filmmakers – see Danny Boyle's stunning Slumdog Millionaire this Friday for proof.

But sometimes, Indian helmers can get a bit lazy. We've complied six of the worst Bollywood remakes. They all miss the point of the original property, but at least a couple of them are so bad they're hilarious.

Fight Club (2006)
The Bollywood Fight Club takes the anarchic, subversive original, and makes a Jean Claude Van Damme style fight flick.

Elvis Movies
American Elvis is a lithe hip-slinging sex symbol. Indian Elvis is a fat bloke in a Hawaiian shirt.


Cellular (2007)
Fair enough, the Bollywood remake of Cellular looks a lot like the original. But they called it ‘Speed’ for some reason. Expect the Indian remake of Speed to be titled ‘Pay Phone.'

Indian Superman
So… in India, DC’s Superman is mates with Marvel’s Spider-Man, who just happens to be a woman. Who’s good at dancing. In the sky. Brilliant.


Indian Batman
There’s no sound on this one, but it’s worth persevering with just to see several Batmen threatening a lady with swords. We have no idea why, either.

Beatles Movies

Forget the Fab Four, in India, there are six Beatles and they’re all very enthusiastic about singing the wrong words to I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

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