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24 movie to arrive in 2012?

24 movie

Consider this your bi-monthly half-update on the status of the as-yet-un-greenlit 24 movie, courtesy of the ever optimistic Kiefer Sutherland.

In January this year, 24 star Keef assured fans that he would be returning in front of the camera as Jack Bauer to shoot the 24 movie this September.

Now, he’s given an update, revealing that the movie should hit cinema screens sometime in 2012.

While talking with the ladies on The View , Sutherland confirmed: “Yes. It will come out in the summer of 2012.”

For now, though, 20th Century Fox are remaining schtum over the topic, having passed on Billy Ray’s script. There’s currently no director attached to the film.

Clearly Keef's hoping that his optimism and enthusiasm for the project is infectious - but for now, he's pretty much still standing in a room on his own.