Takeshi Hirai, who devout Sega fans might recognize as one of the key programmers behind the Shenmue and Space Channel 5 series, has a new musically themed game cooking for PlayStation Vita owners in Japan, entitled Orgarhythm.

The title was spotted in a recent issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Andriasang). The preview indicates the game will cast players as a god who controls elementally themed minions via a musical combat system, and implement a soundtrack that rises and falls with the players actions. According to Famitsu, Orgarhythm will also implement a cooperative and competitive multiplayer mode, allowing PS Vita owners to link up and create sweet, sweet omnipotent violence.

Orgarhythm is being developed by Hirai's studio, Neilo, and will be released this summer by publisher Acquire. A western release has not been confirmed, however a sample of the game's tunes – which Hirai pitches as a blend of rock, club, and tribal music – is available to all on the newly launched teaser site.


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